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Uncontested No Appearance Divorce in Florida

     A "No Appearance" or "No Court Appearance" divorce is available if either party resides in Florida. 

     My name is Michael Wheeker and I will be your attorney. I will guide you and prepare the pleadings and documents you and your spouse need to sign to obtain an uncontested divorce without having to appear in court at all. My office has helped OVER 300 Florida residents save time and money (and frustration) while navigating the procedures and requirements when filing this type of legal cause of action. In many cases my clients come to me because they have purchased forms or services from providers that left them confused and without the help they required.

     Beware of using non lawyer internet services that sell forms or assist you in filling them out. You may have questions that remain unanswered. Non lawyers do not have the legal education, skill sets and training that licensed attorneys possess and for your protection are not allowed to give you legal advice, but sometimes they do. Don't take chances, I offer great pricing for this service and I will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process. 



Call 561-389-2022 now and ask for Attorney Michael Wheeker.


Divorce only $199. No Court Appearance!


Information regarding your situation;

  • Only one of the parties must have resided in Florida for the past six months, the other party must cooperate and can respond from wherever they are.

  • Each party is required to sign their own pleadings before a notary. (A remote notary can be used but is an additional expense for the parties.)

  • The parties must have already agreed on the division of their property and debts, if any.

  • Both parties must complete and sign a financial affidavit.

  • This office will prepare an agreed upon and required Marital Settlement Agreement. 

  • There can be no minor children common to the parties.

  • Neither party is asking for support (alimony) from the other. 

Information regarding procedures;

  • Once you hire me, I send a set of questions to you by email (or mail if email is not available to you) to get some basic information about the parties (name and address of the parties, date and place of marriage, etc).

  • I draft the pleadings needed to file the case and email them to you for you to print.

  • After the paperwork is signed, notarized and mailed to my office, I file your case. 

  • The court takes about 30 days to sign the order of Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and send a copy by email or mail to the parties. 

Additional Info;

  • Military Service The court will accept your case if you are in the military as long as one of the parties has been a resident of Florida for at least the past six months (or if Florida is your home state or if Florida is the home state of your spouse).

  • Same Sex Marriage Doesn't change the procedure at all. 

  • Payment Information The legal fee of $199 must be paid to begin. The Questionnaire will be emailed to you right away. There is a court filing fee of $413 that must be paid before your case is filed, which will be after you've received and signed all the paperwork we need and you have seen that my work is professional and timely. All payments can be made either on this website or by calling my office. The legal fee is a flat fee and is nonrefundable but the filing fee can be returned up until your case is filed.

  • Application for Waiver of Filng Fee If you are underemployed and don't own much, you can apply for a waiver of the filing fee. I will supply the application, but please call for further information, the application is not automatic. 

There is an FAQ section for additional information.

If you have any other questions, please call my office, 561-389-2022.

SUMMARY Get an uncontested divorce without having to appear in court if you and your spouse agree on all issues and either one of you lives anywhere in Florida. You will receive completed pleadings for both parties to sign. Your case will be filed through my office. I will answer your questions and guide you. Your Final Judgment arrives in the mail or by email from the court.

To get started right away, click here to reach the payment page.

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