Uncontested Divorce in Florida

Divorce in Florida is called "dissolution of marriage". An uncontested divorce is granted when the parties agree on all issues or when one party defaults for not participating.


My name is Michael Wheeker and I am an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Florida. Getting divorced doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be expensive. I will represent you in a Florida Circuit Court or prepare the pleadings and documents you need to obtain an uncontested divorce as outlined below.

Beware of using non lawyer services that sell forms or assist you in filling them out. Non lawyers do not have the skill and training licensed attorneys possess and for your protection are not allowed to give you legal advice, but sometimes they do. Don't take chances, I offer great pricing for the following services and I will answer your questions.


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Uncontested Divorce that requires no appearance in court

Get an uncontested divorce without having to appear in court if you and your spouse agree on all terms. I'll send you completed pleadings for both parties to sign. I will file your case and be your attorney of record. I will answer your questions. Your Final Judgment arrives in the mail.

Uncontested Divorce with Marriage Settlement Agreement
LOCAL UNCONTESTED DIVORCE - $199 or With children - $299

File your uncontested divorce in your local court if you and your spouse agree on all issues. This is recommended if you have children for example. I will send completed pleadings for you to sign and file. You will represent yourself and appear in your local court.


You can get divorced if you cannot find your spouse or if he/she is out of the country and cannot be served. I will prepare the pleadings for you to file in your local court. You will represent yourself and appear in court at final hearing.


You file, your spouse is served but doesn't respond. You can default your spouse and get an uncontested divorce. I prepare the pleadings for you to file. You will file your case and represent yourself and appear in court at final hearing.

The following issues are common to all options above;

  • There are court costs for all of the above options in addition to my fees quoted above. Costs may vary depending on where in Florida you live that can be $400 or more. If you cannot afford to pay court costs they may be waived or reduced if you file an application that I will supply.

  • Either you or your spouse must have been a resident of Florida for at least the past 6 months.

  • Neither party is asking for spousal support.

  • A Notice of Social Security Number and a Financial Affidavit must be filed by all participating parties. 


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