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This Palm Beach County Circuit Court was built in 1917 and is now a museum. Laws were only available in giant sets of books and procedures were very formal. 

fast and easy uncontested dissolution of marriage in florida


Enter the internet. The new Palm Beach County Main Courthouse Complex is equipped with digital amenities not even dreamed of not too long ago.


Hello and welcome to "Florida Uncontested Divorce Only" ( My name is Michael Wheeker and it's my pleasure to introduce you to the legal service I am offering on this site.


A divorce doesn't have to be expensive and stressful, especially if it is an uncontested no appearance divorce.


Florida is a no fault divorce state. If your marriage is irretrievably broken and either you or your spouse has been a resident of Florida for the past six months you have the right to ask for and be granted a divorce. If your spouse agrees on the issues, I offer an easy, safe and fast method of getting divorced.


I am an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Florida in good standing with the Florida Bar. Click here to view my page as listed on the Florida Bar website. Click here to view my reviews on


As explained on my Home page, I am offering legal services for Florida residents who want an uncontested no appearance divorce in which the parties do not appear in court at all. Contact me by using the form on the CONTACT page, by email or by phone if you have any questions. My phone and email information are located at the bottom of each page on this site.

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It is now possible to access the legal system through the use of your powerful hand held smart phone. You can now receive quality legal services reliably and quickly from anywhere.

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