uncontested dissolution of marriage with marriage settlement agreement




Represented by Attorney - $199

There are jurisdictions in Florida where the court will grant your petition for divorce without requiring you to appear in court no matter where in Florida you reside. If the parties agree on the issues, I file all required pleadings and the court will mail the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage directly to you.


I will discuss your case with you, answer your questions and be your attorney of record throughout the entire process.




  • You respond to my questionnaire and I send you the pleadings for you and your spouse to sign,

  • You mail the signed documents to me and I file them electronically, and

  • The Court mails the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage to you and your spouse.

Questions? Call 561-389-2022 or email

You will not have to travel to an attorney's office, to the clerk's office or to the courthouse. All you do is sign the documents I send you before a notary and mail them back to me.


You do not have to buy forms and worry if you are using them correctly or filling them out properly. You do not have to depend on complex instructions or non lawyer advice to properly file your case.


I do not sell forms. I will be your attorney and I will prepare your pleadings and documents (except for a financial affidavit that the parties complete).

FAQs for Uncontested No Appearance Divorce


1. How long does this process take?

30 to 60 days from today.

2. How and when to pay?

I begin as soon as you pay a total legal fee of $199. Court costs of $413 ($408 plus $5 service fee) can be paid at any time before the documents are filed. Pay here or mail a check. If you cannot afford to pay the filing fees you can apply for financial assistance when you file. You may be granted full or partial relief, or be offered a payment plan. Remember however that if you are not approved for assistance you will have to pay the full filing fee before your case can continue.


3. What if I have questions?

Of course you'll have questions. I will be your attorney of record and I will answer your questions. Call, text or email right now.


4. What does my spouse need to do?
In order to use this service, you and your spouse must agree on the issues.  I will prepare and send you the completed documents for you and your spouse to sign.


5. Is this service right for me?

I offer this service to individuals who have the right to get divorced in a Florida court, do not have minor children in common and who agree on the division of their property and debts after financial disclosure.

Remember, legal fees are only $199, you will not appear in court and you will receive your Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage in the mail.


6. Is there a Contract for Legal Services?

The Contract for Legal Services is found on the CONTACT page. You are agreeing to its terms by making a payment either online, by phone or by mail. Your payment of $199 is a non refundable flat fee.


7. Can the Wife restore her Former or Maiden Name?

Yes. It is accomplished easily and at no extra cost in this procedure but is costly if done after the case is concluded.

8. How do I get started?

Review this site. Call me if you have questions. Go to the CONTACT page and click the "Make Payment Here" button. I'll get right on it.