uncontested dissolution of marriage filed locally with marriage settlement agreement




Attorney Prepared Pleadings

No Children $199 - With Children $299

An Uncontested Divorce can be agreed upon by the parties after financial disclosure and a Marriage Settlement Agreement. You will be hiring me to draft the pleadings necessary for you to file for and be granted a divorce in your local court. If the parties have children together, they must agree on child support and a parenting plan that sets a time sharing schedule (known in the past as visitation).


Child support is based on a formula set by the Florida Legislature that includes the wages of the parents, health insurance for the chldren, chldcare, child support ordered for other children and the number of overnights the children spend with each parent.



  • You respond to my questionnaire and I send the completed documents for you and your spouse to sign,

  • You file the case at your local clerk's office and pay court costs,

  • You will schedule a Final Hearing with the Clerk or Case Manager in your area, and

  • You will attend the Final Hearing and receive a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and your spouse will receive a copy in the mail.

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You do not have to buy forms and worry if you are using them correctly or filling them out properly. You do not have to depend on complex instructions or non lawyer advice to properly file your case.


I will prepare your pleadings and documents (except for a financial affidavit that the parties complete) according to the requirements of the laws of the State of Florida and the local procedures of the Circuit Court in your area..


Getting divorced does not have to be chaotic or messy. If the parties agree on the issues and qualify as outlined above the process can be inexpensive and practically stress free.


FAQs for Attorney Prepared Uncontested Divorce in Your Jurisdiction


1. How long does this process take?
A lot of variables here but once you have returned a completed questionnaire to my office you should have a final hearing in 4-8 weeks.


2. How and when to pay?

Your initial payment of $199 (or $299 with chldren) will pay your legal fees in full and can be made through this website or mailed to me by check. You will pay approximately $400 in court costs to the clerk when you file (The exact amount depends on your local county clerk's fees).


If you cannot afford to pay the filing fees you can apply for financial assistance when you file. You may be granted full or partial relief. I will supply the application if available in your area. Remember however that if you are not approved for assistance you will have to pay the full filing fee before your case can continue.


Regarding changes in completed documents: If my fault, no charge, of course. If you made a mistake or request a change to a completed document there will be a $50.00 fee per document required to be changed.


3. What if you have questions?

Your are hiring me to prepare your pleadings and documents for filing only. I will answer your questions regarding the documents you are required to file. Call or email for fast service. After you file your completed paperwork your questions should be directed to the County Clerk.


What if your spouse has questions? It is unethical for me to give your spouse legal advice. If your spouse has concerns I recommend that he/she seeks independent legal counsel. There is, however, nothing unethical about your spouse cooperating with you in your efforts to get a divorce.


4. What does my spouse need to do?
IYou and your spouse must agree on the issues. Your spouse will need to: a) Agree with your petition and waive service of process, b) Complete and sign a financial affidavit, c) File a notice of social security number, and d) Sign a Marriage Settlement Agreement (with a parenting plan and child support agreement, if there are children). I will prepare and send you the documents for you and your spouse to sign.


5. Is this service right for you?

If you and your spouse can agree on the issues and if a No Appearance Uncontested Divorce is not right for you, this is an excellent and inexpensive solution.


6. Contract for Legal Services

The Contract for Legal Services is found here and on the CONTACT page of this site. By making your payment either online or by mail you are agreeing to the terms as set forth therein.


7. Wife's Former Name

The wife may ask the court to restore her former name. It is accomplished easily and at no extra cost in this procedure but is expensive if done after the case is finalized.

8. What if my spouse will not cooperate?

You will not be able to file this case if your spouse does not agree with your petition and will not cooperate by signing the documents I send as outlined above. Attorney's fees will not be refunded if you thought your spouse would cooperate but then doesn't.