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Michael Wheeker, Esq.,  Florida Bar No. 235628
9749 SW 97th Street, Ocala, FL 34481-6537
Office; 561-389-2022,  Email;


THIS CONTRACT is made and entered into upon the payment of $199.00, either through the website or by phone to the office, to Michael Wheeker, "ATTORNEY" by "CLIENT". Court fees of $413 can be paid at a later date but must be paid before the case is filed.


CLIENT retains ATTORNEY to represent him/her regarding a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with No Children (Uncontested) that does not require the appearance in court by either party. This case will be filed in Lee County where a no appearance divorce is allowed. The following terms and conditions apply;


  • The fee as stated above is a non-refundable flat fee. If the case become contested or if CLIENT is unable to supply the documents or information necessary to continue the case within a reasonable time, ATTORNEY is relieved from all further duties and responsibilities under this contract. A reasonable time is agreed to be 90 days.

  • The parties in the case must be in agreement regarding the division of their assets and debts before hiring ATTORNEY.

  • Both parties are required to sign a Marital Settlement Agreement and a Financial Affidavit.

  • The parties are allowed to divide their assets and debts as they desire but this procedure does not allow for the provision of spousal support (alimony).

  • Retirement accounts can be divided in most circumstances. Please call ahead to confirm.

  • The Marital Settlement Agreement should involve only simple transfers if necessary. For the protection of the parties, large or complex transfers should only be made with the help of independent counsel.

  • CLIENT can request a waiver of the court filing fee if unemployed or underemployed while having only limited assets. If the waiver is not granted however CLIENT must pay the filing fee before a Final Judgment can be granted.

  • CLIENT acknowledges that the costs of a notary, if any, and mailing documents when necessary will be the responsibility of the CLIENT.


This Agreement, regardless of where actually accepted or delivered, is deemed to have been accepted and delivered by the parties in the State of Florida and any dispute arising from it will be governed by Florida law. Any suit for any claim, breach or dispute arising out of this Agreement will be maintained in Marion County, Florida.


Please call my office if you want to discuss the above before you enter into this representation.


  /s/ Michael Wheeker        

Michael Wheeker, Esq.

Florida Bar No. 235628

Available by Appointment

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